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VSS Information


27th of July

Info Booklet published

30th of June

Herald #4 published

27th of June

Programme published

24th of May

Herald #3 published

15th of May

Final registration is open

1st of May

Application for new participants only possible through EFIL office

19th of April

Herald #2 published

23rd of February

VSS Fundraising page published

15th of February

VSS Application is open

Call for Participants published

03rd of February

Call for Trainers
The call for trainers was submitted to the EPOT, and the deadline is 26th of February. If you have questions, contact
Valentina in the EFIL office

Info Booklet

To have all important information on 2017 VSS at hand, click here. If you have questions about how to get to the venue or what you should bring to the event, read through the booklet and all your questions will be answered. But if you still have doubts do not hesitate to contact Valentina at the EFIL office.


The theme of this year’s VSS is "Equal Opportunites" and will offer workshops and sharing sessions on the topic.
(To see the complete programme, click here, to read the programme of a day, just click on the respective part of the picture below.)


VSS registration step by step

Step 1: Apply
By logging in to MySummit here on the webpage, you can register for the VSS in a few minutes! Once you have filled in all the required information, you will receive an e-mail from EFIL confirming your registration and stating the cancellation policy.

Step 2: Confirmation e-mail
Your national AFS organisation has to confirm your application and that you are a volunteer. Your office might make a selection process on which volunteers they sponsor and not. Make sure to ask your AFS organisation about this - and in case you cannot participate to the VSS since you did not get a scholarship, you have to let us know by sending an e-mail of your cancellation to valentina.milanese@afs.org. Only cancellations to valentina.milanese@afs.org are valid.
After this phase, you will get an email with the confirmation of your application!

Step 3: Register
As soon as you get confirmed to the VSS, you have to fill in the online registration form with your My Summit account. Here you will have to choose your room type, inform about dietary restrictions etc.

Step 4: Make the payment
The payment can either by done via bank transfer or PayPal.

Step 5: Book your means of travel to the VSS
Please make sure to keep ALL receipts and tickets for your travels to and from the venue as you will need to hand them in once you arrive at the VSS.

Step 6: Finish the registration
After the confirmation of your payment, you can sign up for workshops. You will only be able to sign up for workshops once you have transferred the registration fee and provided us with your travel details.

Step 7: Get final confirmation
If the final registration is done correctly, you will get an email with the final confirmation including your workshops and room type.

Social media

To stay up to date with the event’s preparation you should follow the VSS Sunflower on Facebook and on Instagram and Snapchat (@efilvss). Looking forward to share pictures, expectations and ideas with you online!

Participation Fee

The fees are set according to the table below. Be aware that you will have to pay them in advance to the event and that, by doing so, you agree to the cancellation policy.

Lodgings type Fee (EUR)
More-bed room 710
Cabin 780
Double bed room 940
Single bed room 1110
Add-on for volunteers of AFS organizations outside EFIL 50
(applies to all categories)
(All fees are calculated per person. No early/late application fee applies.)

Cancellation Policy

In case you cannot go to the VSS or decide to withdraw your registration, you will need to cancel your registration by sending an e-mail to Valentina Milanese. Please note that these cancellation fees will be charged:
  • If you cancel after the 13th of May 2017 will require a 50 Euro fee.
  • If you cancel after the 15th of June 2017 you will be charged 50% of the registration fee.
  • If you cancel after 15th of July 2017), there will be no reimbursement.
Please inform us if you wish to cancel your application. Once you register on the website, we assume that you will be a participant and accept the terms and therefore the cancellation policy.
If the cancellation fee is not paid, we will have to exclude you from other EFIL activities. Exceptions can be arranged for visa applicants.


  Start End
Participants' Application 15-Feb 23-Apr
1st confirmation 05-Mar 17-Mar
2nd confirmation (for those who applied after the 1st confirmation) 29-Mar 07-Apr
3rd confirmation (for those who applied after the 2nd confirmation) 23-Apr 05-May
Registration Part I (rooms etc.) 17-Mar 15-Jun
Payment 17-Mar 15-Jun
Final registration (workshops, travel) 15-May 15-Jul
Final confirmation 15-Jul  

Before and After the VSS

If you plan to extend your stay in Iceland, and would like to add extra days before or after the VSS, you would do well to book through Guide to Iceland, the world’s largest marketplace for Icelandic travel. Not only will they make this as easy as possible for you, but they offer the cheapest transfers to and from the airport, specially arranged activities and tours, and the most competitive rates for accommodation you can find in Reykjavik. Furthermore, when you, your friends, your family, or anyone else use the following link to book, Guide to Iceland will donate part of the profits to the VSS, to help us fundraise for the event:

To book specially arranged tours offered on discount for those attending the VSS, simply follow this link:

To reserve a rental car, and find Iceland’s best prices, follow this link:

You can also send any travel related questions to them and their service team will help you with all planning.

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