EFIL Volunteer Summer Summit 2014
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What are your expectations for VSS?
Defenitely,a lot of fun and work.This year VSS will be in my country so again another reason for my exsaitment.Also I'm expecting to learn some new things and improve others that are going to be helpful in my future life and work.

What is your AFS experience?
I didn't been to exchange but my very good friend did and told me about AFS! Immediately, I fell in love in its mission and program so I starter to volunteer. Since then I worked on sending program and other things related to PR but now I'm hosting coordinator for local chapter Banja Luka. Also,I have participated in VSS Denmark.

On the scale from 1-10 how good hugger are you?
Absolutely 10!

Do you have any special or strange skills?
I can run in high heels, if that is something special.

Which do you put on first, socks or pants?
first pants...Habit!

What is your favorite AFS experience?
Definitely VSS Denmark. Amazing people,workshops and country! I will allways remember that experience.

Which would you rather have? One horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?
I would say one horse sized duck because my favorite animal is horse so it doesn't matter how small he is.

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