EFIL Volunteer Summer Summit 2014
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What are your expectations for VSS?
I have big expectations because I have never been a part of VSS but I have heard a lot of nice stories from other volunteers. I'm sure that we will have to work a lot to prepare everything, because we want to make the best VSS ever, but it will be also a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and learning new things.

What is your AFS experience?
I was AFS exchange student in Italy, 2011/2012 and I starter volunteering when I got back. During my year, I helped volunteers from Italy to organize prep camp for future exchange students and I did the same thing here in Bosnia. Last year I went to Brussels at ECTP training for volunteers.

On the scale from 1-10 how good hugger are you?

Do you have any special or strange skills?
Yes, when I really smile hard I start clapping with my hands and I look and sound like a seal.

Which do you put on first, socks or pants?
not sure, it depends, but I think that most of the time I put my pants first.

What is your favorite AFS experience?
It is definitely my AFS exchange year and mini stay.

Which would you rather have? One horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?
100 duck sized horses... don't know why.

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