EFIL Volunteer Summer Summit 2014
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What are your expectations for VSS?
I mainly want to gain as many practical experience with helping to organise such event and of course do my part as well as I can. And I just wish to get into that rainbow-coloured atmosphere of so many wonderful people staying at one beautiful place in the middle of the summer, having fun, enjoying the life.

What is your AFS experience?
I spent a year in Belgium Flanders in 2010/11, where I got to live in a scary copy of my home town. Which was strange, since my little town was practically the reason I was going abroad. And in the end I ended up having to face all of it on an entirely new level, which has made the year an unforgettable experience. I also participated at the last yearís VSS in Denmark , which definitely made my last summer.

On the scale from 1-10 how good hugger are you?
Oh well, in the style of the Slovenian physical awkwardness and coldness, I tend to limit my hugs to a very few people. But those usually feel very good.

Do you have any special or strange skills?
Huh, well, after so many years I can play pretty much anything on the piano. I am also good at tree climbing. I can fly a plane. I happen to be widely known for being able to pee super fast. And I am also considerably good at Elizabethan English.

Which do you put on first, socks or pants?
Socks because Iím always so cold in my feet in the morning...

What is your favorite AFS experience?
VSS Denmark.

Which would you rather have? One horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?
One horse sized duck, of course! Just imagine how cool would it be to ride that thing!! Like go travelling or go to school with it... damn, now I actually really want one.

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