EFIL Volunteer Summer Summit 2014
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What are your expectations for VSS?
Since I have participated in two VSS events and each of them were great and there are getting better every time, I think that this VSS will be even better! Every time is better workshops, better organization, better parties, more people so Iím very excited to see how it will be this year. Iím also very happy to be part of Support team, to experience something different and to see how VSS works from another point of view.

What is your AFS experience?
Iíve been an AFS Croatia volunteer since 2010, when I got back from my exchange that I did in Portugal. Since 2012 I am a volunteer coordinator and a board member. I love to be a volunteer because AFS makes me happy and fulfilled. I like to be a part of organization that makes the world a better place.

On the scale from 1-10 how good hugger are you?
I am very emotional and happy person so I love hugging. Because of that I would say Iím 9,5.

Do you have any special or strange skills?
Well, I donít have any special or strange skills. But I want to write what makes me special. Everyone knows me as a cat person. I looove cats. I have one and she makes me so happy! Whenever I see a cat I just melt. Besides that I really love when everyone is happy and have smiles on their faces, I hate injustice and cruelty. Thatís maybe the reason why I love to come to VSS, because everyone is happy.

Which do you put on first, socks or pants?

What is your favorite AFS experience?
My exchange of course is my favorite AFS experience that Iíll never forget in my life!! But besides that, Iíve also been a host sister what was really great experience too. And of course being part of VSS is the highlight every summer.

Which would you rather have? One horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?
I would prefer one horse sized duck!

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