efil Volunteer Summer Summit 2014
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EFIL, the European Federation for Intercultural Learning, is the umbrella organization of 28 AFS organizations in Europe. As a global education network, EFIL supports its members in establishing programs that bridge the gap between the training provided by most educational systems and the intercultural skills and global perspectives needed to foster a harmonious world. EFIL promotes intercultural understanding among countries, organizations and citizens, and actively helps its members to operate within the European environment.

AFS Bosnia and Herzegovina
AFS high school programs with the former Yugoslavia began in 1967-68 when the first five Yugoslav students arrived to the United States for a year long stay. Since then more than 800 Yugoslavian students were sent to the USA and more than 500 American students spent a trimester or a year in Yugoslavia. Because of the war in Yugoslavia, AFS suspended hosting programs in Yugoslavia in 1991 and AFS programs in Yugoslavia were completely cancelled in 1992.

The first initiator of restarting AFS exchange programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) was AFS Germany which has collected donations for sending first six students from BiH for one year to Germany in 2002/2003. After return to BiH, these students started actively volunteering and with help of AFS Germany, they have selected and sent 7 students to Germany in 2004/05. In the same year, they have decided to officially establish an organization named Interkulturni susreti u Bosni i Hercegovini (Intercultural meetings in Bosnia and Herzegovina), shortly UG ISU BIH or ISU, which was registered by the Ministry of Justice of BiH in October 2004.

Currently, UG Interkulturni susreti u Bosni i Hercegovini (UG ISU BIH) with headquarters in Sarajevo, is a non-for-profit, non governmental, voluntary driven organisation active on the country level since 2002 with headquarters in Sarajevo. It has around 60 active volunteers countrywide who are running the program activities.

Council of Europe

European Youth Foundation
The EFIL Volunteer Summer Summit is taking place with the financial support of European Youth Foundation of the Council Of Europe.

Origins and mission of the Council of Europe

Founded in 1949, the Council of Europe seeks to develop throughout Europe common and democratic principles based on the European Convention on Human Rights and other reference texts on the protection of individuals.

Member States: The Council of Europe has a genuine pan-European dimension: 47 member countries, 1 applicant country: Belarus; Belarus' special guest status has been suspended due to its lack of respect for human rights and democratic principles.

Observers: 5 observer countries: the Holy See, the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico.

Aims: (i) to protect human rights, pluralist democracy and the rule of law; (ii) to promote awareness and encourage the development of Europe's cultural identity and diversity (iii) to find common solutions to the challenges facing European society: such as discrimination against minorities, xenophobia, intolerance, bioethics and cloning, terrorism, trafficking in human beings, organised crime and corruption, cybercrime, violence against children; (iv) to consolidate democratic stability in Europe by backing political, legislative and constitutional reform. The current Council of Europe's political mandate was defined by the third Summit of Heads of State and Government, held in Warsaw in May 2005.

The European Youth Foundation (EYF) is a fund established in 1972 by the Council of Europe to provide financial support for European youth activities. It has an annual budget of approximately 3 million Euros. Since 1972, more than 300 000 young people, aged between 15 and 30 and mostly from member states, have benefited directly from EYF-supported activities. In 2007 the EYF supported some 300 projects involving more than 15 000 young people. (See also http://www.coe.int/web/european-youth-foundation))

Prep Team

The Preparatory Team consists of totally eight highly motivated volunteers and EFIL staff members. The Preparatory Team is responsible for the overall camp spanning from coordination of the different teams to on site management. They begin already in November where they set the big perspective and then steadily they work towards the final result in July.

Trainers Team

The Trainers Team is made up of 14 competent people mainly from the European Pool of Trainers. Utilizing their vast experience and non-formal teaching methods they dedicate themselves to develop quality workshops on this year's theme on Interfaith Dialogue and Diversity Education over a course of five months, which they will deliver to participants at the summit.

Support Team

Being attentive towards your needs as a participant, managing logistics, dealing with on site emergencies, and arranging inclusive leisure activities, the Support Team works with you during the event to make sure that everything goes as smooth as possible. The members of the support team from the Balkans and beyond will do their job meet your needs; and always with a smile!

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