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Final Registration is open

The last step of the registration to this years' EFIL Volunteer Summer Summit was opened on Monday, May 15 for all those who have received an email from the EFIL office that their payment for the event has arrived. These mails are being sent now, so be prepared to finalize your registration. Then go ahead and register your workshop wishes and travel details for this years' Volunteer Summer Summit. Just click on "My Summit" and follow the instructions.

VSS Fundraising for you

In addition to the general Info page for the VSS with many details about the event we have created a special Fundraising page. See there, what is possible to lower the fee for the VSS for you personally by just clicking the FUNDRAISING tab!

VSS 2017 Countdown

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...until EFIL VSS 2017 starts
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24th of May

Herald #3 published

15th of May

Final registration is open

1st of May

Application for new participants only possible through EFIL office

19th of April

Herald #2 published

23rd of February

VSS Fundraising page published

15th of February

Call for Participants published

03rd of February

Call for Trainers
The call for trainers was submitted to the EPOT, and the deadline is 26th of February. If you have questions, contact
Valentina in the EFIL office

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